About Companions.com


We want to make sure your online experience  at Companions.com is a positive one.  As part of this effort,  we are doing things a little differently than most other sites. For example, all new accounts and blog requests are personally approved because too many sites are wasted by spammers. Our aim is to invite anyone who has interesting content to share, about life, experiences, health and other things which others might find interesting and useful.

Our vision of Companions.com is a place where people with shared interests find each other and share their thoughts and stories.
Perhaps you’re a cat, dog or other animal lover and want to reach out to others who share your feelings on health, care and other pet related subjects. Maybe you’re into electric cars or other vehicles and want to connect with others, share tips, concerns or other topics. You might have a family member who is going through a life or health crisis–cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes or something else where you’d like to communicate with others who are going through similar things.

Companions offers you everything you need to reach out to others then stay in touch.

Tools include: 
Personal blogs with plenty of features and more being added. Start or join a group, create or join events (coming soon), custom profiles, walls, forums, media, even text/audio/video chat and it’s all FREE!

Alternative Social Network

Are you tired of not being able to let your hair down in your current network? Maybe you can’t be yourself because family members and certain friends are in your feed. Everyone’s watching you!
Or maybe you’d like to start an all family only network? What ever the reason, Companions can be your new or alternative social network on Companions.

Note also that Companions does not profile your every move which means you can feel at rest because Companions does not buy and sell personal information. We very much believe that there is too much of this going on and we do not share those practices. In fact, we even run software which helps you break free of those activities! See our privacy policy.

So, what can you expect on Companions?

Start your own FREE personal blog

Share a thought, an adventure, your views on the world, on life or what you did today.  Everything you write now lives on in a virtual world for others to enjoy. Being able to share and learn from each others’ lives might be one of the best gifts the Internet can give us.   Find out  what’s included in our free blogging tools.
Ready to start writing?  Click here to set up your blog.  Need some writing inspiration? We’ve got that too.

Create or join a community

Looking for someone who loves to bike in your area? Or maybe a brew club that enjoys going to sample local beers at area bars? Movie nights, book clubs, hiking groups – whatever your interest, you can form or join a group on Companions.com.  Make it public, private, invitation only – it’s up to you.   You can post meeting notices, update event calendars and send out reminders.
Find out how to start your own group.

Share life experiences in multiple ways

Start a special interest group or join the forums discussions.  It’s all here, it’s easy to use and it’s free. Share your collection of favorite crockpot recipes, post photos of your amazing eco-hikes through South America, tell us all about your therapy dog – whatever the topic, you’ll meet people who share your passions and interests.

Connect on topics and interests

Post on your friends’ walls, send private messages, video or text chat.  You’ll meet Companions.com members from around the world who enjoy sharing their lives with you. Search for friends in the members area or find new friends in the groups and forums. And don’t forget to invite your own friends to join Companions.
Send a friend request – find it how!

Companions – what does it mean to you?

We can think of many different meanings of the word – pets, friends, dating, someone to help out when you need an extra helping hand.  Let Companions.com introduce you to new friends who share similar interests or views or even challenge you to try something new or look at the world in a different way.

And finally, social networking…

The term might be overused, but social networking simply means that there are many features which allow you to not only meet new people but also to stay in touch with them. Using powerful privacy levels which are simple to use, you can create your personal space which includes images, audio, video. You can post updates, create albums, and generally configure things the way you’d like them.

And of course, Companions.com has been freshly rebuilt and we continue to work on things in the background. Expect to find much more coming in the near future!